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Cardboard furniture for real estate home stagers

Breakfast Networking

July 29th, 2010

We were asked to attend a Breakfast Networking Meeting in a local Hotel in Dartmouth to promote our fibreboard ( specialized corrugated cardboard ) in front of a selected group which we could connect within our Industry.
Being the true Professionals we arrive early, set up in this case a Loveseat with a deluxe, padded upgraded slipcover and an end table with lamp in prime position of the hungry breakfast group!

We then prepared ourselves for the President of the Networking organisation with another smothering of lip gloss & a glass of iced lemon water!  Remember it is only 09.00am!

Holly also does an excellent job of presenting of which she stands proudly on the floor & all appears so natural for her now.  This is because  we are inspired, motivated and passionate about our business concept and this comes across with everything we do and say :0)

As a result, breakfast plates were empty, coffee was drunk, cards were exchanged & Holly & I went on our way hoping for another day of opportunities.

Oh, I did forget that a couple of chaps were sitting at the bar & they carried our tote bags to the Chips & Kerry Van – thanks!

Realtors and home stagers… Ten-hut!

June 10th, 2010

If you live near an army, air force or navy base in Canada, you may have an untapped market with subsidies toward home staging.

Did you know that the Canadian Forces allow military familes up to $250 toward home staging, dependent on rank?  The money is intended to help families sell their homes faster, for a smoother transition to their next posting.  Military families are generally more mobile than the civilian population, so they represent a great market opportunity for agents and home stagers.

This is a great wee gem for real estate agents and home stagers to know, and I’ll be using it at my next presentation to Realtors.

NextStage works wonders when C&K stages a mobile home

May 5th, 2010

We were delighted to stage our first mobile home – as I think we have staged every type of home conceivable, apart from a bungalow and a Scottish castle!

This particular home was very spacious inside, with three bedrooms, a bathroom, a lounge and an eat-in kitchen.  Our main concern was to make the bedroom spectacular.  The agent wanted to show clients that a double bed can be fitted into the space, while still allowing access to the two closets.  Holly and I decided where the NextStage bed was going to be placed, and by using only one side table, we made the room look spectacular.

NextStage bed in mobile home

Mobile home staged with NextStage bed

I made a lovely planter for outside, so a lovely flash of colour – namely orange – would be carried though the rest of the house.

NextStage staging furniture helps flip this house

April 29th, 2010

We had great fun meeting two guys who flip houses (we were recommended to them by an agent, who had previously used Chips & Kerry for a listing using our fiberboard/cardboard furniture.)

The house was perfect for staging & everything was fresh & neutral.  Holly ( No 1 Designer ) did an amazing job with all her wee extras in the bathroom & kitchen which always makes the house complete.

Flip this house with NextStage staging furniture.

Flip this house! The dining room staged with NextStage home staging furniture.


Flippin' with NextStage staging furniture

Flippin' this house! The living room staged with NextStage home staging furniture.

The guys have another house nearly complete so hopefully we have worked our magic as “Professional Stagers”
After 4.5 hours of setting up & staging it was a pleasure to stop & eat our Sobey’s chicken Caesar salad which I had purchased earlier, as I had to stop Holly bringing in the boiled eggs – oh flip!

Our staging furniture’s even more versatile than I imagined!

April 29th, 2010

I recently worked with an agent who used Chips and Kerry Home staging to sell one of her empty, vacant listings.  We did, of course!!  During this process, relationships develop which is another key to your success for future business.

I was asked to use my home staging skills to stage an “occupied home”, converting a very small upstairs bedroom which contained a double bed.  The agent was obviously familiar with our staging furniture so she thought perhaps we could use a NextStage twin bed so the room would appear larger.

I do not own one of their twin beds so I made my own with the Nextstage fibreboard using four bases, a headboard and a side table to fill in the side!  As you can see in the picture the bedoom looks amazing.

Twin bed created from NextStage

Staging furniture makeover! This did not begin as a twin.

Client was happy & so was I.

Tote bags on the shelf

April 29th, 2010

I thought I would show you some of my cardboard staging furniture inventory which is neatly packed away in the garage.  That’s enough to furnish five homes!!!

NextStage tote bags

That's five houses worth of staging furniture in my garage.

All the tote bags are neatly labeled & coded so easy to pull out & load into the car prior to a NextStage Home Staging job.

Send me pictures of your tote bag collection – shame is wasn’t Prada!!!

Take a load off – NextStage chairs welcomed by weary Home Show visitors

April 14th, 2010

Well, I had to post these photos of the Spring Ideal Home Show, featuring our NextStage home staging furniture at the Royal Le Page booth.  As you can see, NextStage cardboard furniture doesn’t just look like real furniture – you can actually sit down on it and rest your weary tootsies.

Top, left and right, Cameron and Bradley, the Derwent-Robb twins.  Bottom left, Michael Lee, one of our Royal Le Page agents sitting on the love seat.  He loved the concept and after a hard day at the Home Show, he didn’t really want to get up.  Finally, in the bottom right, a random exhausted visitor to the show just suddenly sat in the oversized chair.  When I told her what she was sitting on, she nearly freaked!

Home show visitors enjoying sitting on NextStage cardboard furniture

Home show visitors enjoying sitting on NextStage cardboard furniture

Our home staging furniture featured at the Spring Ideal Home Show, Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 26 to 28

March 26th, 2010

Yes, you realize that something is cooking with gas when your home staging business can share a booth with Royal Le Page Atlantic for the home show. 

Our choice of colours complemented the Royal Le Page logo – as did our homemade shredded cocktail. Their booth hosts a couple of screens showing their listings with barstool seating, and then you have an area we’ve staged with a lounge feel to the side using our NextStage home staging furniture.

What I’m so pleased about is I chose this white denim fabric from a company recommended to me by NextStage furniture.  In a turnaround of only six days my fabric was sent to NextStage and my slip covers were made.  Each deluxe slip cover is padded, just like Sue Ellen in Dynasty!  And once over the structures, you would never imagine that underneath this was cardboard!

Looking forward to taking lots of pictures with people sitting on the furniture which everyone gets a thrill out of – but, sorry folks, we have to draw the line with hotdogs and ketchup!

NextStage Furniture on Royal Le Page colours

NextStage Furniture in Royal Le Page colours

Barb Schwarz weighs in on “the actors”

March 24th, 2010

We all know Barb Schwarz, a staging pioneer and the author of “Home Staging: The Winning Way To Sell Your House For More Money.”

Here’s what she had to say in the article cited in the previous post.

“The last thing a broker wants to see is people in the house. Home buyers will start talking to the people – and not about the house.   You’re selling the space, not the stuff and certainly not the people. Staging a home is about depersonalizing it. Putting people in it is the ultimate way of personalizing the space.”

How’s this for a home staging innovation?

March 23rd, 2010

If you thought you knew everything about home staging, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.  Check this out:

This company uses real people to stage homes
This company uses real people to stage homes!

Check out the article.

This company doesn’t stop at home staging with furniture and fresh flowers.  They’re bringing in a family of actors to “physically manifest… somebody’s dream.”  If I knew this was happening in my neighbourhood, I would definitely check it out, as it’s so out of the box and extraordinary. The Builder’s budget must have been huge, but from a marketing point of view, I think it’s brilliant.  I wonder if I contacted the Coronation Street producers, would they oblige?