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The Hang & Level saves time, walls & frustration

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

This handy picture hanging tool can be used with Sawtooth Hooks, D-Rings & Keyholes.

Cool staging tool for hanging pictures

A cool home staging tool for hanging pictures

Decorate your wall with these basic steps:

1. Place the item on the hook(s)
2. Use 1 hook for small or light items, 2 hooks for larger heavier items.
3. Position your item and the tool on the wall. Find the right spot.
4. Press the button(s) to mark exactly where the nail goes.
5. Hang your item & then level it using the tool.

Take command when staging or decorating your own house!

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Amazing product just recently advertised on the TV & various décor publications which eliminates a hammer, nails & plugs.  By using the Command, their  hooks or picture hanging strips make things so much easier – all you do is pull on the strip & remove the hook.  Even better there’s no damage & no repairs to the walls.

It’s perfect for home stagers and what a fantastic tool for Christmas to hang up all your decorations & a stocking filler for the other time of the year.


Which reminds me … need to get my list of to Father Christmas or Santa as my boys say !! wall.

Norman The Doorman Door Stop

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Architectural Digest – what an amazing publication this is.  Are there any subscribers out there?  Many pages on “Before & After”, “Home spaces”, “Architects & Design”, to name a few.

This is not a publication that you will find in the magazine rack that you grab to kill time while in a line-up at Sobeys!

Once I was introduced to this publication my subscription was paid online, and in my opinion its the best thing since Noka chocolate!

Now that may or may not be a home staging tool, but I went online to www.architecturalDigest.com and found this amazing wee man for $20. “Norman The Doorman Door Stop”

Norman the Doorman

Check it out here.

“SF MoMA unveils the most innovative version of a common object we’ve seen in a while. Designed by Ramon Middlekoop and Chris Koens,Norman brings whimsy to a mundane task. Wedge his legs under the door and he’ll keep it propped open. Available in black, green, or orange. 4.25″h x 8.5″w x 6″d”

You can now say you saw it here first!  However, like most things I fancy these days, it is currently out of stock due to the demand!  When I eventually am able to buy a wee Norman I’ll tell you.. Which brings me to think of another wee Norman, Norman Wisdom… Carry On then !!

Visiting National Home Show, we discover a great home staging tool – amazingly fast ironing!

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Have to  share with you a great gadget of 2010.. Now I’ve got you wondering whatever  next?!

After visiting the Toronto Home Show in February we were totally gob  smacked with the evolution of the good old iron!  The demonstrator was  presenting to us an iron that steams in a vertical position when smoothing out  hanging clothes – yes that’s right … As well as on the traditional ironing  board.  Very little pressure is required, the steam regulator can be  controlled with very little moisture. The pressure is so intense it can iron  10 napkins at once in less than a minute.

After the demo I thought for $150 this is a remarkable tool for a Homestager since we iron slipcovers, bed linen etc and would take little effort for these creases! So OK another purchase to weigh down the suitecase back to Halifax with “Heavy Bag” label attached .. But no shoes this time!

Like a kid in a candy store couldn’t wait to try out my iron like the demonstrator and I am so pleased that the results are incredible and no real effort.  A good time saving of at least 40 minutes which is like winning an Olympic Gold just like Sydney Crosby – both from Nova Scotia.

Think of the time saved on site at your next Home Staging job.

Powerful things can happen in small packages and pleased to say we found it!

If you’d like to learn more about this great home stager product, drop  me an email, and I can give you the details.  Just hit the “contact” link, and click on me — Kerry Derwent-Robb.