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What is networking?

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

 Networking is building relationships.  Networking is attending events and meeting new business contacts so you can get a referral or lead.  Networking is helping each other grow your business.  Networking is  teaching others about your product.  Networking is having a plan before you attend an event. Networking is arriving on time to your event. Networking is being prepared Networking is doing your follow up.

With our business of staging homes with fibreboard our Networking is after we have staged the home the Agent in turn will host an Agent’s Open House which is a great form of advertising since all Agents are seeing our product & picking up our business cards & leaflets.  However most of our business has come from presenting at the variousRealtors Offices via the Broker.  Everyone likes to see who is behind the business card!

Breakfast Networking

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

We were asked to attend a Breakfast Networking Meeting in a local Hotel in Dartmouth to promote our fibreboard ( specialized corrugated cardboard ) in front of a selected group which we could connect within our Industry.
Being the true Professionals we arrive early, set up in this case a Loveseat with a deluxe, padded upgraded slipcover and an end table with lamp in prime position of the hungry breakfast group!

We then prepared ourselves for the President of the Networking organisation with another smothering of lip gloss & a glass of iced lemon water!  Remember it is only 09.00am!

Holly also does an excellent job of presenting of which she stands proudly on the floor & all appears so natural for her now.  This is because  we are inspired, motivated and passionate about our business concept and this comes across with everything we do and say :0)

As a result, breakfast plates were empty, coffee was drunk, cards were exchanged & Holly & I went on our way hoping for another day of opportunities.

Oh, I did forget that a couple of chaps were sitting at the bar & they carried our tote bags to the Chips & Kerry Van – thanks!